If you want to visit this Irish town…. shhhhhhhhh!

QMI Agency reports that a bakery in a village in Waterville, Ireland has posted a signing banning “loud” American tourists. Reportedly part of the problems is that Americans are using the bathrooms and not buying anything.

 3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Are American tourists dressed as mimes allowed? If not we imagine they could mime their own invisible bathroom elsewhere outside in the town.

2. How about Police Academy character Lavern Hooks? If so, you are forced with the more complicated question of allowing timid Police Academy 1 through 2 Lavern Hooks into the bakery, or the more aggressive Police Academy 3: Back In Training Lavern Hooks.

3. Is it really fair to complain that buses of tourists are visiting your town to use the bathrooms when the name of the town is Waterville? Perhaps “Broken-Plumbing-Ville” would solve the town’s problems.

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  1. I don’t get it, are Americans being too loud while using the bathroom?


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