Allegedly Stolen Clothing Does Not Look Good On You!

The Associated Press reports that an Illinois woman was arrested after she allegedly posted selfies on Facebook wearing a stolen dress. She was caught after the store owner posted photos asking if anyone on Facebook had seen stolen clothing items.

3 More Selfies Thieves May Not Want To Post

1. Selfies wearing nothing but stolen shares of Facebook! Shares of Facebook are electronic, so you would be wearing nothing, creating the double-whammy of also violating non-nudity Terms of Service.

2. Selfies wearing stolen slices of toast featuring someone else’s selfie burnt into the toast. (As we wrote on Saturday, this is a real thing.) First, nobody but starving birds are going to want this toast now, and second you risk being attacked by the birds who want toast, Alfred Hitchcock-style.

3. Screenshot of Android navigation route from the store you just stole stuff to your current residence, where you tagged yourself. Do you even know what a selfie is?

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