Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza-Song-Parody Band Booed Off Stage Twice In A Week

BBC reports that former child star Macaulay Culkin’s comedy rock group was booed off stage twice in a week.

The group is called the “Pizza Underground” and apparently parodies songs by the Velvet Underground using pizza-themed lyrics.

We assume somewhere “Weird Al” Yankovic is smiling, knowing his song parody monopoly remains safe.

3 Worse Things That Could Have Happened To Macaulay Culkin’s Band

1. They could have left him home alone, leaving the rest of the band on stage to fend for themselves. In fairness, if he was home alone, he might do what people left home alone often do: order a pizza. And if the band can’t deliver funny pizza-jokes, maybe they could have avoided flying objects from a crowd by delivering a pizza that night instead.

2. After getting booed off stage two times, the band could have replaced him with Home Alone 3 star Alex D. Linz for the third show.

3. Pizza Hut could have stolen the band’s name. “Introducing the new Pizza Underground! The crust is stuffed with dirt and gnomes,” we imagine the commercials saying.

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