Just In Time For St. Patrick’s Day: A New Rob Ford Video

CP24 reports that Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been recorded in a new video apparently drunkenly swearing in front of a kid near City Hall. During a St. Patrick’s Day parade, Ford responds to a reporter’s question as to whether he was drinking the night of the video by asking if she was drinking then. You can view the entire report by clicking here.

Three Tips To Help Rob Ford From Ending Up In Potentially Embarrassing Videos

1. Whenever you venture out into Toronto, wear a mascot suit, that will conceal your identity. Why should New York be the only city with mascots reeking of booze in the entertainment district?

2. Avoid temptation to dress up as “Rob Ford” on Halloween, because that will not conceal your identity. But since you are up for re-election on October 27, people may be less concerned with what you do if you lose, in which case dressing up as yourself may not attract as much YouTube attention.

3. Next time you are at a house party, wait 8 hours to get the party started! That may be enough time for other party-goers smart phone batteries to run out.

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