Tumblr Site Proves Eyebrows Do Make Awesome Mustaches!

A new Tumblr site called “Browstache” by Sam Cannon takes photos of celebrities and uses some sort of photo-altering, magical technology to move their eyebrows above their mouths, like a classic mustache! The results look remarkably natural and you can view the Tumblr page by clicking here.

Three Things We’d Like To Also See Photoshopped Over Celebrity Mouths.

1. Barack Obama’s birth certificate over Donald Trump’s mouth. If this means we hear less shouting about birth certificates because the proof is over Donald Trump’s mouth, it’s a win-win. Plus people might say, “Donald, you look younger! I don’t know what it is… is it the birth certificate over your mouth with a younger year of birth?”

2. Pinocchio’s nose over the mouth of any member of any political party being interviewed on cable news. Hey, audiences need some entertainment when politicians just repeat talking points without answering questions. Works better in 3D, even though some politicians might say 3D is a hoax, regardless of what science says.

3. Tongue depressor over Miley’s Cyrus mouth. She’s been sticking out her tongue sooooo much lately, might as well check for nodes on her tonsils to make sure she will be providing us with quality music for years to come. Also, we kinda hope a tongue depressor would make her tongue “depressed,” so that it would curl up, back in her mouth and take a nap, making us see just a bit less of it.

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