Snow In Las Vegas? Will That Reduce Demand For All The Indoor Ice Bars?

CNN reports that a winter storm may bring snow to Las Vegas.

3 Comments We Would Expect If It Snows In Las Vegas

1. “Snow has been around since at least 1600, but I want to bring in an expert, if you don’t mind to verify this is real snow, before I ask you how much you want for this snow?”  – Rick From Pawn Stars

2. “Rick, I can tell you, I travel the world via sleigh every Christmas Eve, and this is authentic snow. And no two snow flakes are alike, which adds to the value. That said, snow in itself is pretty common outside of Las Vegas, so I’d say the entire collection is worth 5 cents. And only because the seller has been nice over the past year.” – Santa Claus

3. “In just moments, as part of my Cirque Du Soleil/magic show, I will perform the incredible feat of accurately forecasting the weather for the next five minutes. And I predict trapeze artists sailing through sunny clear skies. Oh, crap, another trick that didn’t turn out so awesome. Cut to the Mindfreak music.” – Criss Angel

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