Swedish Inventors Develop “Invisible” Bicycle Helmets, Which Will Go Well With Our Invisible Jokes!

Jalopnik reports that some Swedish inventors have invented a bicycle helmet that is sort of invisible. Hey, if you don’t want spoilers of how an apparently legit-looking invisible bicycle helmet works, click here to watch the video demonstration.

Alright, now that you were all too lazy to click there, we’ll just tell you. It’s like a scarf you wear around your neck, that when you are about to fly off a bicycle – boom! It turns into a parachute-like helmet that protects your head.

3 More Invisible Inventions We’d Like To See Sweden Invent

1. Invisible IKEA instructions (to go with the invisible map to get out of a labyrinth IKEA store.) Maybe now, you’ll have to think about what you’re assembling, instead of building upside-down dresser drawers.

2. Invisible bicycles. Yes, this sounds very dangerous, especially in traffic. But we bet the demand for invisible bicycle helmets would go up if everyone was riding invisible bicycles around Stockholm!

3. Invisible jokes. Did you find them hidden in this article? Maybe you need to use a magic ink pen on your computer screen!*

*do not use a magic ink pen on your computer screen, fool! By the way, did we make this font small enough to count as an invisible joke?**

**how about if we make the font smaller and in yellow ink?

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  1. Maybe it’s just the people I know, but the invisible helmet would be even less likely to be worn than the regular one.


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  1. invisible ink | crossed wires

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