All We Know Is Justin Bieber Reportedly Visited A Brazilian Brothel, And Now Katy Perry Is #1 On Twitter

CNN reports that Katy Perry has dethroned Justin Bieber as the most followed person on Twitter. Both celebs have over 46 million followers.

And the NY Post reports that Justin Bieber was seen leaving a brothel in Brazil. If true, that’s no place to amass millions of new Twitter followers in this competitive Twitter world!

And the Wall Street Journal reports that Twitter has raised its IPO price range, meaning the company may now be valued at $13.9 billion.

3 Questions That Arise From These News Stories

1. Katy Perry recently tweeted “.AND it’s national CAT day😻?! This is too much happiness. I am gonna explode! 😩 #💣” While we are impressed with Katy’s ability to tweet cat symbols, we hope she does not literally explode, because 46 million people demanding information like this just may be why Twitter is valued at $13.9 billion, given Twitter’s dominance of the cat demographic. Just ask Sockington, the cat with over a million Twitter followers (and based on Sockington’s name, a lucrative potential customer for fellow tweeter Rob Kardashian’s line of socks?)

2. Hey, Katy Perry, in the tweet we quoted above, we noticed you used the words “exploded” and a symbol of an apparent bomb. Is it possible that your increase in Twitter followers is really just millions of government spy employees around the world doing their jobs following people who use these kind of references in online communications?

3. Hey, Justin Bieber, aren’t you worried with multiple prostitute encounters alleged by the New York Post that you might put the “STI” in JuSTIn? That could lead to a potential terrible headline in addition to the bad press you’re already getting in the Post.

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  1. Maybe Bieber visited the brothel hoping to make the prostitutes who worked there into his Twitter followers.



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