CNN: Guy Ordering Everything At A McDonald’s Is News

CNN reports that a man from Wisconsin has shelled out $141.33 at McDonald’s to make what he calls a “McEverything” Sandwich. It features every breakfast and lunch item from the menu (and a Diet Coke).

“McEverything?” McReally? Three Things We’d Like To See Added To This Sandwich

1. Some last minute McFlurry toppings demanded by House Republicans that will cause the whole sandwich to topple like Jenga despite bi-partisan Senate agreement that the McEverything should really just contain everything from the sandwich menus.

2. McFluff from other news media.  We suggest a story on the people on YouTube who ordered a 100 by 100 burger at In N Out.

3. An apology to McFluff news writers. They’re a major source of comedic material for this site. Aw,fluff pieces, we still love you!

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  1. Is there some kind of picture attached? We might be able to use it to combat obesity.


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