3 Questions That Arise From The Continuing Government Shut Down

1. On CNN’s Erin Burnett Outfront last night, Republican Congressman Mark Sanford stated that if furloughed employees receive back pay, as voted for in a House bill, they will essentially be getting a free vacation while the government is shut down. So wait, government employees will be paid for doing nothing while their representatives in Congress also get paid for doing nothing? And all these people are being paid to do nothing to save money? Here’s a better way to save money: if you want to invest in Twitter, make sure you didn’t accidentally invest in “Tweeter,” as we wrote about yesterday.

2. Fox News is still calling this a “Government Slimdown” in its web site’s headlines. Are your editors trying to fool somebody by coming up with a name that sounds similar to “shutdown,” but not that bad? Is your target audience people with the kind of attention to detail that results in investing good money in a company called “Tweeter?” Those people may be learning something about “slimming down” their net worth.

3. Speaking of “Slim Downs” will the partisan rhetoric branded as “Fair and Balanced” “News” ever slimdown on Fox News? If so, might we suggest renaming Fox & Friends something like “Fox & Friends and By ‘Friends’ We Mean People Who Are Paid To Sit Here and Use Phrases Like ‘Government Slimdown.

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