Yeah, If You Invested In Tweeter, You May Want To Reconsider Your Research Techniques

CNBC reports that a company called “Tweeter Home Entertainment Group” saw it’s stock rise 669 percent on Friday, as people bought millions of shares of this thinly traded consumer electronics store that reportedly went bankrupt in 2007, on the apparent misunderstanding that they were buying Twitter stock. Which is currently not publicly available, by the way.

Three Tweets We’d Like To See Based On This Story

1. “Can’t believe I bought so much Tweeter stock for just 15 cents a share! #MakingMadCheddar!”

2. “Turns out, I invested on margin in Tweeter, not Twitter! #TimeToFileForBankruptcy. #CheddarIsMoreSadThanMad.”

3. “Now that I’ve filed for bankruptcy, time to rename my self ‘Twit’ and get listed on a stock exchange. #AnyoneWantToBuyWrongStockOrUnimpressedCheddar?”

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