So Two Russians Walk Into A Bar…

CNBC reports that two men in a Russian bar competed to see who could rack up the largest bill, resulting in over $200,000 U.S. being billed to the men, and a “massive crowd of stunning women” helping them drink the numerous bottles of high-end Champagne and other booze they ordered.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “All I ordered was one White Russian and one Black Russian, what the hell is going on in this bar?” Apparently your Russian translation app is not that good, and you asked a white and black Russian comedian to reenact Brewster’s Millions.

2. “But all I ordered was one, maybe two Budweisers, what’s up with this $200,000 bill you just handed me?” This is why you should never drink to the point of blacking out, especially if you forgot before running up your bill you drank a bunch of free Champagne hoping to chat up some stunning women hanging out with Russian spendthrifts.

3. “What do you mean nobody was recording this? This is supposed to be an American capitalist style rap video!” Well, you still have time to drop a bucket of water out a window and see if it turns to ice on YouTube. Maybe you can even get the rights to add the track Ice, Ice, Baby to the video to increase the view count to 800.

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