Everyone Knows Sports Stadiums Offer Good Deals On Beer, Right?

Factbook reports that Boston is the most expensive place to buy beer at a Major League Baseball game at $0.60 per ounce, followed by St. Louis, and Toronto. The cheapest place is Anaheim, at $0.28.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Really, St. Louis? Isn’t there a major Budweiser brewery in your city? Unless this beer is being transported from there via Clydesdales, we say this is madness!

2. Whose idea was it to make beer the cheapest near Disneyland? At least the Angels have a winning record so that tourist kids will not be subject to surly drunken fans roaming the streets… oh wait, they don’t have a winning record – we were confusing them with the team named “Los Angeles” that actually plays in Los Angeles.

3. Houston is near the bottom of the list at $0.36. Is that to help fans drown their sorrows to the fact that all of the players on the losing team combined make less money than A-Rod? Or is it because with a $13 million payroll the Astros think it’s still the 1970s when beer probably cost $0.36? We don’t really know what beer cost in the 1970s… you don’t honestly expect us to do research on Labor Day weekend?

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