You’re Still Gonna Like The Way You Look, Even Though The Men’s Wearhouse Founder Has Been Fired, You Vain Narcissists!

Yahoo Finance reports that the Men’s Wearhouse has fired its founder and pitchman, George Zimmer, who you may have seen in ads on TV proclaiming “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.”

3 Worse Possible Guarantees From A Recently Fired Apparel CEO

1. “Oh crap, I should have never guaranteed that I’d like the way every CNN commercial viewer looks, for a company I don’t even work for any more! I guarantee I would have never said that if I knew I was going to be fired.”

2. “You’re going to like the way you look now that I’ve taken on a job as at carney at a House of Mirrors. There’s something to make every naturally-screwed up face look normal in here. And fat people can be thin! There’s no problem that can’t be solved in here, unless you get lost in the maze of glass and mirrors, in which case, thank you for your ticket, and Godspeed!”

3. “You’re going to like the way my resume looks. Sans Serif font. Ooh-la-la!”

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