Those Signs Of What Not To Bring On An Airplane Indicate What Not To Bring On An Airplane.

NBC News reported on May 25 that a record number of guns were seized at U.S. airport security checkpoints last week. Specifically, the TSA confiscated 65 guns: 54 loaded. And eleven more unloaded. Also, we do not know if any copies of Lindsay Lohan’s Herbie: Fully Loaded DVD were confiscated by disappointed parents who hoped she would be a better role model for children.

3 Questions That Arise From This News Story

1. Where do these people think they are going? And we don’t mean the destination on the boarding pass. We mean, where do they think they’re going when they enter the security checkpoint, and people are asked to take off their shoes and enter a glass pod with a backscatter X-ray system? Do they think that they are entering a magical pod that will instantly transport them to Japan, where it is often rude to wear shoes inside? Because if they do, that’s still no excuse, because we hear guns are illegal in Japan!

2. Are you sure the 11 unloaded guns were truly unloaded? Did someone check to see that they were not fully loaded with cheese, bacon bits, chives and sour cream like a “fully-loaded” potato at a steakhouse? We imagine people are always trying to sneak higher quality food into airports than the sandwiches sealed in 50 layers of plastic wrap, for sale near the gates.

3. What would the founding fathers say about the Second Amendment and jet airplanes? We’re guessing: “What are those loud things in the sky? They sound like giant angry birds! Whose idea was it to found a nation with all these angry birds flying around? Nobody will ever make money with so many angry birds around!”

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  1. You’ve just explained the genesis of “angry birds.” Now, as Paul Harvey would say, I “know the….. rest of the sto – reee.”


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