Don’t Worry New Yorkers, You Can Still Drink A Pound Of Liquid At Your Favorite Establishments!

CNN reports that a New York state judge has blocked Mayor Bloomberg’s legislation preventing NYC restaurants from selling sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces from going into effect at midnight tonight.

3 Reactions We Might Expect To This News

1. Dancing mascots of sugary products and beverages perform the Harlem Shake in Times Square, as people inside the costumes are relieved that they won’t be next, since their sugar-advertising bloodstreams contain more than 16 ounces of liquid. Meanwhile, tourists will be confused whether they are in Times Square or Harlem, and mistakenly jump on the F Train all the way to Brooklyn, totally missing Spider-Man: Turn off The Dark!

2. Overweight NYC residents will laugh at the comical sugary mascots, as the mascots ironically exercise by dancing.

3. Overweight NYC rats will celebrate that they won’t have to bite through tubing with their cavity-filled, frail rat teeth, in NYC soda fountain machines to get more than 16 ounces of their favorite beverages!

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