Dolphin Stampede!

The LA Times reports in a video that can be seen here that 1,000 dolphins stampeded near a whale-watching boat near Dana’s Point, California.

3 Worse Things Than Seeing 1,000 Dolphins On Your Dream Whale-Watching Trip

1. Not seeing any whales, because they’re all dressed in camouflage of blue water and floating fast food containers (that floated over from China), watching you.

2. Seeing 1,000 dolphins, animals considered to be the smartest in the world, running away from something, and just sitting in your boat and watching, instead of following the wise dolphins. Did nobody see Independence Day or Jaws 3-D?

3. Trying to see 1,000 dolphins talk their way out of speeding tickets with Megan Fox, using technology displayed in recent Microsoft commercials.

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