UPS Employee Caught On Video Un-Delivering FedEx Package

CNBC reports that a homeowner with security cameras caught a UPS deliveryman stealing a FedEx package containing an iPad, which was a gift for the homeowner’s daughter.

After posting the video on YouTube, the homeowner eventually received the package. And as long as the daughter doesn’t watch YouTube, we’re certain she’s in for a surprise when she opens the gift!

3 Worse Things A Delivery Person Can Steal From Your Home

1. The house keys under the welcome mat. Do you really think this is a good hiding place, especially on bright days when the sun shines on the keys through the woven mat? You should have never bought solid gold keys to hide under your dinosaur-bone-encrusted welcome mat of your Beverly Hills mansion!

2. The camera recording the theft of an iPad. Now the thief has three cameras, all of which can be used in an iPad ransom video to you and a Skype “Merry Christmas” conversation with the thief’s grandmother.

3. A frozen pizza that advertises with a slogan that “It’s not delivery,” which the thief then delivers to a neighbor, raising doubts of the pizza maker’s entire ad campaign.

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