Burger Launched Into Space!

Some Harvard students launched a hamburger over 90,000 feet into space, in a You Tube video that can be seen here.

Spoiler alert: the burger, upon returning to earth landed in a tree. So, of course, the Harvard students found a man with a crossbow to try, to no avail, to shoot it out of the tree.

Reminding us of the Hunger Games beehive crossbow incident, this made us think of…

3 Worse Things To Try To Shoot Out Of A Tree With A Crossbow

1. Pigs. (that’s what Angry Birds are for!)

2. The Hamburglar. Hey, if he found his way up a tree when Harvard students could not, chances are he’s just going to outsmart them and steal the hamburger and the arrows.

3. Another tree that fell onto the first tree that nobody was there to hear. (this will not assist you with your Harvard philosophy 101 exam.)

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