Facebook Just Secretly Changed Your Email Address! But Could It Be Worse?

So, check your Facebook account lately? Perhaps you were spending too much time enjoying the NotTheWorstNews Facebook page, and not enough time being a narcissist to notice that Facebook changed your primary e-mail account visible in your profile, without your permission, to an account ending in (@Facebook.com). We have good news: follow this link to see how to restore your original email address. And we also remind you it could have been worse:

3 Worse Things Facebook Could Have Changed Without Your Permission Than The Email Address On Your Profile 

1. Your real address. Ever wanted to live in the Grand Canyon? Too bad! That’s your new mailing address, according to Facebook, so enjoy attempting to retrieve all your junk mail, bills, and new credit cards with a fishing rod and 6,000 feet of fishing line!

2. Your relationship status from “It’s Complicated” to a status update advising all of your friends that you are listening to the soundtrack of the movie “It’s Complicated.” Your friends will be pleased to know that you are listening to the soundtrack‘s crowd pleasing hit “Pomp & Circumstance on Spotify!” Which is great news until they expect you to either receive a diploma or fight the recently deceased Randy Macho Man savage, who used that as his entrance song. Unfortunately, you can do neither of these things, especially since Facebook also just deleted all of your degrees from the education section of your profile, obviously meaning you have to start school all over, like Adam Sandler in the movie Billy Madison.

3. Your password. As you may not have been aware, some passwords are so popular, meaning everyone has them, making them easier for hackers to steal. Last year’s list of most popular passwords included: “Password”, “123456”, “Ashley”, “Bailey”, and “iloveyou”. We don’t know who Ashley and Bailey are, but it sounds like they get around! And if you are really telling Facebook “iloveyou” every time you log in, maybe you will want to change your relationship status from “it’s complicated” to “single” after Facebook had the nerve to change your password without your permission!

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