The yeas have it! (Probably)

The Republican National Convention began with a raucous vote this afternoon on whether to approve the party’s Rule Book. 

The Party Chair took two votes based on who yelled the loudest that sounded an awful lot like both votes could have gone either way. 

However that didn’t stop the Chair from  declaring the ‘yeas’ had it both times. Because counting votes is such a hassle. 

Based on this event, here are three new suggestions we have for the GOP…

1. Just because your presumptive nominee hosted a reality TV show doesn’t mean your voting system should be the same as game shows like the Dating Game. Although we presume the dating game contestant-hidden-out-of-view strategy is how the Vice-President nominee was selected. 

2. You might want to fix the optics of this. Perhaps by voting for a change in your rule book about how votes are counted… Oh wait we may be going in circles here. 

3. At least use the decibel-meter.  You’re in the Cavaliers’ stadium! 

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