Trump Calls For Boycott Of Largest U.S. Company, Says Use Korean Company

Donald Trump has told supporters to stop using Apple products, and boycott the company unless they create a backdoor that allows the FBI to hack into a terrorist’s iPhone.  Instead he is saying he will use devices from Korean company Samsung. Hey there’s nothing wrong with using a Samsung device, and Samsung also employs Americans, but if you are Trump, it is kind of inconsistent with your pro-American company GOP campaign.

As major Silicon Valley companies, including Google, Apple, Facebook, and Yahoo support Apple, we wonder if Donald Trump would like people to boycott those companies, too. However, perhaps lost in Trump’s rhetoric is the fact that such a move may cost these companies billions of dollars in lost foreign business, which may in theory cost American jobs.

Apple says it may lead to customers’ data being hacked. What is Trump’s experience with hacking? In October it was reported that Trump International Hotels’ computers were hacked, compromising customers’ credit card information. So while there may be a solution somewhere to giving the FBI the information it needs while also maintaining Apple’s security, it doesn’t exactly appear Trump’s wheelhouse includes avoiding hacking.

As we wrote yesterday, Donald Trump said in a CNN Town Hall program that he prefers big franchises like McDonald’s and Wendy’s to other food establishments where you may not know where the food comes from. (If you missed yesterday’s post, he really likes McDonald’s “Fish Delight” which is not an actual menu item.)  Based on his latest positions, here are:

3 Revised Slogans We Propose For Donald Trump 

  1. “Donald Trump: Making America great again by bringing us back before the times when our greatest tech companies latest offerings existed. You’re welcome, Sony Walkman!”
  2. “Donald Trump: Making America great by creating more jobs at McDonald’s!  And KFC, because the food’s “not the worst thing in the world.” As for you small business restaurants, stop being such losers and serve more mystery food items like McDonald’s Fish Delight!”
  3. “Donald Trump: A really good salesman. So buy what I’m selling, even it’s against your interests, or against whatever I said my opinion was in another interview.”


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