Look Out, 2016, Columbia House Back In Business

CNN reports that Columbia House, the mail order company from the 1980s that would sell you a bunch of albums for a penny in exchange for paying more money for albums later, plans on selling vinyl records.

3 More Things We’d Like To See Columbia House Bring Back

  1. The opportunity to buy an album that topped the charts last year, along with seven other albums you don’t want, for one penny.
  2. The penny. Since nations like Canada have got rid of the coin, it may be hard to mail in the penny we presume a bunch of albums will cost.
  3. Records of 1980s one-hit wonders… but glued together in pairs so you’d get one good song on each side.  Just don’t combine the “Men at Work” album with the “Men Without Hats” record because that’s likely to lead to numerous workplace safety violations.



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