Republicans Refuse To Participate In NBC Debate Because They Didn’t Like CNBC Debate Questions

CNN reports that the GOP has “suspended” its next NBC debate because it did not like the questions asked during Wednesday’s sister channel, CNBC debate.  Complaints included they didn’t like alleged “gotcha”and mean-spirited questions.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

  1. How funny is it that the GOP candidates complained about the mainstream media while being asked questions by the cable channel that reports the latest news on business?  If you think that reporters who talk about stocks all day are the liberal mainstream media, maybe you are slightly out of touch with the average working American.  And if the CEOs of action-figure toy makers Hasbro and Mattel can answer questions from these reporters on a normal day, maybe someone who wants to be Commander-In-Chief of non-toy-soldiers should be able to answer them.
  2. Why weren’t there more questions about God – that’s what viewers really want to hear, right? That may be true on Fox News, but we doubt so on CNBC, since viewers can’t day-trade shares in God.
  3. What’s wrong with answering questions about whether Fantasy Football wagering should be legal? Apparently this was unpopular to ask because it was not a big enough issue.  Which makes us wonder why if little things don’t matter to these candidates, a few slightly rude questions are worthy of suspending an entire debate.

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  1. Call the “waaahmbulance”, ya whiners!


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