Is This Really Where Canada’s Prime Minister Wants You To Stand?

The following is a Facebook ad from Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper seeking reelection:

Harper Boat Ad

Was this ad inspired by an Apple Watch, which also tells people to stand up at sub-optimal times?

We have Three Questions That Arise From The Above Ad…

  1. Is the Prime Minister advocating standing in a boat? Is there somewhere that telling people to stand in recreational boats is considered “proven leadership?”  Presumably, that is better proof of leadership in Canada than leading the country into its current possible recession.
  2. Did the marketing people who approved this not think that a photo of someone… anyone… standing might be more appropriate for the caption?  A more appropriate caption for this photo would be “Stand with proven Leadership, or sit back and chill with this guy who has a low approval rating!”
  3. Dear marketing people: could you also not find a photo of the Prime Minister driving or sailing or somehow leading the boat?  Based on advocating standing in boats, the kid who will dock this at the marina as part of a summer job has more proven leadership.  Without him, the Prime Minister would be apparently drifting aimlessly while campaign staff run ridiculous ads without comments sections to mock the ads.

Photo source: Stephen Harper ad on Facebook.

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