Columbia House Just Filed For Bankruptcy? Columbia House Still Exists?

Yahoo Finance reports that the parent company of Columbia House has filed for bankruptcy.

Columbia House used to sell records, and then tapes, and then CDs, and then DVDs by mail.

As we are all about helping companies, here are 3 slogans we propose for Columbia House:

  1. Columbia House: Now Selling Company Debt For Just One Penny.
  2. Columbia House: Yes, It Would Be Embarrassing If You Told Us Starbucks Sells More Folk Music CDs and Colombian Coffee Than Us.*
  3. Columbia House: Like Donald Trump, We Have No Clue When To Change Strategies.

*We made that up… but do you have proof it’s not true?

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  1. Who knew?? I’m shocked, thought they went under in the 90’s – wondering if they’re saying the same about me. Haha…probably still a bill out there somewhere!!

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