Flavored McNuggets.

The Huffington Post reports that McDonald’s is testing “Shakin’ Flavor McNuggets” and fries in Northern Nevada.

Basically, you put the McNuggets in a bag of flavoured powder and shake it… and probably drive every flavor-shaking Nevadan teenager to the nearest unemployment line.

3 Flavors Of McNuggets We Would Like To See

1. Gold-flavored McNuggets (to represent the fall of the Golden Arches, since just when you think nobody wants to eat this junk any more, they invent new flavours of junk.)

2. Added sugar. (Because why not just skip the verbose list of ingredients, and add the sugar everyone has come to expect in meat and potato products.)

3. Organic Chicken Broth Flavored-McNuggets. Fingers crossed – McDonald’s may introduce this one after testing in 2032. Same mystery McNugget meat, with the trendy taste of organic chicken!


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