3 Worse Ways Seattle Could Have Ended The Super Bowl

Sports fans everywhere are calling the Seattle Seahawks play that resulted in them losing the Super Bowl by an interception by the New England Patriots the “Worst Play In Super Bowl history.” Here are 3 worse ways we think Seattle could have ended the game.

1. After watching all the Super Bowl commercials advertising that random people would win free food from McDonald’s, heading to McDonald’s during the final time outs. (A waste of time outs, and not very healthy!)

2. Creating a sentimental Super Bowl commercial about being a dad. (Because it seems like every ad agency got a memo to do that this year.)

3. Getting cornered by Shadow and Blinky as human Pac-men, just like in the Super Bowl Bud Light ad.

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  1. Not all sports fans are calling this the “Worst Play in Super Bowl History”. Patriots fans are calling it the “Best Play”


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