3 Twitter Handles We Suggest For Ronald McDonald

A Forbes contributor writes that Ronald McDonald has failed on Twitter – in part because he does not have a Twitter handle.

Seems Twitter users scooped up @RonaldMcDonald, and numerous variations, resulting in Ronald McDonald being relegated to a hashtag #RonaldMcDonald.

So here are our three suggestions, if they are not taken (and if they are taken, buy ’em McDonald’s):

1. @SirRonaldMcDonald – Sounds classy, right? We’d order whatever high-end cuisine that mascot would peddle. Also, it implies he has been knighted, so he must have a sword, which could be used to cut fries. Someone has to pay the bills.

2. @HamburglarStoleMyHandle – Completely plausible explanation of how one of the world’s largest corporations missed acquiring the right Twitter handles. And allows for mock conversations with @Hamburglar.

3. @McDonaldsFullOfCryingBabies – Totally describes our McDonald’s experiences, and gives an opportunity to show pics of how mascot clowns can make crying babies happy. Try that airlines or Starbucks, without any mascots.

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