Dear Twitter Spambots, Feel Free To Tweet Us Some Money

Reuters reports that a French bank is now allowing you to transfer money to your followers via Twitter.

3 Frequently Asked Questions That We’d Like To See Based On This Story

1. “I’m cheap and when I split the bill with a group of 141 friends at a restaurant, I like to round it to the nearest 141st decimal place. Also I always forget that there is tax on the bill, and that you should tip servers, and that I ordered an appetizer. Will I still be able to Tweet money to my friends?” 

That is more than the 140 character Tweet limit! Also, might we suggest you just hand the money to your followers across the restaurant table than Tweeting it, which seems kind of impersonal. Oh, you already snuck out of the restaurant before the bill was settled… never mind.

2. “So, if I get a Twitter message from a stranger in broken English, that means it’s a French person sending me money, and I should totally click on their link, right?

Consult your internet security professional, who hopefully you did not meet by paying money after receiving a random email.

3. “I have to get rid of $30 million in 30 days. Should I Tweet it all to my followers? By, the way, 1,000 of my followers are fake and do not exist.

Perhaps you want to hold on to some of the money in case someone sues you for stealing the plot to Brewster’s Millions.

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