#X For #Xcessive? In#Xs?

Pop star Demi Lovato is appearing in a new public service announcement for AT&T, brining attention to an initiative called #X.

In it, as far as we can tell, Ms. Lovato wants to encourage people to stop reading texts and driving. Which is a good thing. Although we question the method, which appears to be sending out Tweets, status updates, text messages, and responses to nude photos you uploaded to Snapchat with #X.

#X means “I’m getting into a car now, so don’t send me messages, peeps!”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Does AT&T really expect every teenager on every social network to note that their friends have posted #X? Does AT&T think that everyone pays attention to the non-stop flows of information of everyone? Or that people will know not to comment back “What is “#X?” Did you just get back together with your ex-boyfriend?”

2. Isn’t a better idea to just turn off your messaging notifications while you drive? You know, set the phone to “calls only,” assuming you have a hands free system. Or just turn the phone off? Or put it in airplane mode? Who doesn’t love to pretend they’re in a Boeing Dreamliner every time they’re stuck in a traffic jam during rush hour on the 101, wishing they could read all of their celebrity friends’ Tweets of #X?

3. Hey, Demi Lovato, do you even drive? Because looking at your Twitter feed since this campaign launched on YouTube indicates you only like to tell other people to use #X, but haven’t actually used it yourself. In fairness, the fact that you are not driving already makes you appear to be a more responsible celebrity than Justin Bieber.

Hashtag X. Will it increase web traffic (no pun intended) to blogger List of X

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, both you and Demi Lovato, whoever she is.
    And I guess #X should also mean “don’t visit my blog while driving”

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