Happy Canada Day! (Just Don’t Send Spam Email Wishing People In Canada That Without Their Consent)

Today is “Canada Day” and in honor of this holiday, we are writing about a recent CTV report that states effective today, sending spam e-mail, without an individual’s consent is illegal in Canada with fines up to a million dollars.

According to the report, victims of spam, will be able to sue spammers in just three years.

3 Email Subjects We Might Expect Canadians To Receive Today

1. “Order Fake Viagra At Discounted Prices From A Country That Doesn’t Follow Canadian Law. Best Deal On Fake Viagra That May Contain Dangerous Chemicals You Can Order From A Stranger On A Boat.”

2. “Happy Canada Day! How Did You Get Stuck Reading Unwanted Email On A Holiday, When A Law Made That Illegal? Signed, Your Friend At The Nigerian Space Station Who Requires Money To Immediately Return From Space To Give You Your Lunar Inheritance.”

3. “Your Tumblr Dashboard Is On Fire Today. This Message Sent To You Because You Click Yes To Everything When You Sign Up For Something Online.”

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