Dude, Google Found Your Car.

Search Engine Land reports that Google has updated its operating system so that now when you get out of your car, you have the option of Google recording where you parked, and telling you how to get there later.

3 Frequently Asked Questions We Expect To Arise From This Story

1. “I lost my Android phone in the cab on the way here. How do I find my car?” Use another phone to call your Android phone number and ask the cab driver why you forgot the car is in your driveway, since you took a cab, after all.

2. “I parked in an underground garage… or was it a tunnel, somewhere in this city. Can whatever GPS system you use help me find my car?” Yes! As long as the guy in the car that drives around cities to create Google Street View got a photo of your car parked in a tunnel, which he may have had time to do if you blocked all the traffic. Do you work for the New Jersey Governor’s office, by the way?

3. “I don’t own a car. Can Google help me find my friend’s car so I can bum a ride and then talk their ear off about how good I am for the environment because I bum rides every day instead of buying a car?”
That is a very interesting question. Why don’t we plug it into Google search and see what answer it gives you? Here Google’s top search result:

How To Hop a Freight Train ← modes.io‍

Hmmmm… you be the judge if Google answered your question.


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  1. Can it tell me where I am in a parking lot or just that I am in the lot?


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