Breaking News: People Still Apparently Buy Printed Magazines!

Time Magazine reports that US Weekly has been alleged to have photoshopped a cover photo of nine-month old Prince George.

According to Time, US Weekly responded with the following quote:

“The original image used for the Prince George cover was dark and bluish in tone and needed to be given an overall color shift for printing purposes. By no means did we go in and alter the color of his eyes or cheeks in this process.”

Three Things We Would Have Liked To See Photoshopped On A Pic Of Prince George

1. T-Shirt saying “My parents went to Cancun and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt and to be heir apparent to the Throne.”

2. Show the Prince giving a thumbs down in one hand while his mother offers him a copy of US Weekly in the other hand.

3. A photobomb of the artist known as Prince and George Michael. Because we’re guessing if you’re paying money for US Weekly instead of using the internet for free, you lived through and love the 1980s!

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  1. Hell-oooo. You can’t swat flies with an online magazine.


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