Misunderstanding Leads To Man Receiving 90 Gyros After Ordering 9 On The Phone

The Toronto Sun reports that an Ottawa man, who was throwing a Game Of Thrones party pre-ordered 9 gyros from a local restaurant. The store’s owner repeated confirmed “90,” to the man who thought he was saying “9,” which just goes to show, despite today’s technology, the game of “broken telephone wire” still reflects real life more than any Game of Thrones.

Unfortunately, when the man arrived at the restaurant to pick-up his order, the misunderstanding of 81 unwanted gyros stared him in the face. So he turned to Reddit, where technology saved the day, as the man told users of the massive availability of gyros, leading to a sell-out within 3 hours.

3 More Mix-Ups That Could Impact Your Game Of Thrones Party

1. Some of your friends could confuse your Sunday night “Game of Thrones” party with a Sunday night “Mad Men” party, resulting in people wearing 1960s tweed suits instead of the traditional Game Of Thrones attire: nothing. On a positive note, nobody will be arrested for leaving your party in the nude.

2. Local farmers misheard that you were having a “Grain of Thrones” party and deliver 81 unnecessary thrones made of wheat. 

3. Friends mistakenly think you are having a Sunday Night “Walking Dead” re-runs party. (You really shouldn’t have mumbled on the phone after saying “Sunday Night.”) The good news is nobody will be confused as to what is happening in the plot, as the answer, no matter what episode you cue up on Netflix is: probably nothing.

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