Study: You Should Have Studied More In French Class As French Could Become Most Spoken Language In The World By 2050

The Local reports that a recent study suggests that French will be the most spoken language in the world by the year 2050.

“Ceci n’est pas possible!” you may have just found yourself exclaiming (in Mandarin, which we just translated to French for the expected future French readers of this blog in 2050.)

According to the study, people speak French in countries in fast growing places like Africa.

So now that you have 36 years to learn to speak French, here are:

3 Tips To Learn To Speak French

1. Nouns can be masculine or feminine. For example, “the kitchen” is feminine, “la cuisine.” In contrast, the truck is masculine, “le camion.” Yes, this may seem terribly sexist, but we didn’t write the language, or as they say on Google translate, “la langue.” As “language” is a feminine word in French, we can only conclude that women legally own the language, and may be able to correct this lack of gender neutrality by 2050, if this is something people who speak French care about.

2. When it doubt, it is perfectly okay to mime what you are saying, and you will still considered to be speaking French. This only applies if you are dressed as a mime. Basically, if we understand this study correctly, mime fashion will really be in style in 2050. So feel free to pick up some black pants at your local Louis Vuitton!

3. French verbs have so many tenses that it can be tense trying to learn them all. This problem can be solved by ensuring that you want everything now. Don’t believe us? Test out our theory in 2050, demanding everything immediately, and people will assume you are a go-getter and promote you to CEO of Louis Vuitton immediately.

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  1. Well, am I ever relieved to be a French native speaker ! 😛


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