If You Go On Dates To Get Free Meals And Blog About It, You, Too, May Get To Negotiate A TV Deal…

Earlier this year, we wrote about a Toronto woman who goes on dates with men to get free meals and then blogs about it.

QMI Agency reports that she may now get a Reality TV show, taking her adventures to restaurants across America, so gentlemen, you may want to click on this link to see her photo, before your next date involving a television camera crew.

What? You’re already on a date with a camera crew and signed a release – then hurry up! For everyone else, here’s:

3 More Boring Ideas For A Reality Television Show

1. Wheel Of Fortune Cookies. Contestants learn their fortune one letter at a time. Is “— —- —- —– —- ——-” “You will have great luck tonight” or “You will have heart burn tonight?” Who cares?

2. The Wolf Of Your Wall’s Tweet. The host read messages and you figure out whether someone posted them on your Facebook wall (now known as the Timeline) or Twitter!*

3. “People on dates with people who are texting their friends about how bad the date is instead of talking to the date.” The texter can also post the photo of the meal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp, all of which will make a serious competitor to any dating-for-free-meals show!

*These are supposed to be bad ideas, so this is no time to be critical, reader!

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