Here’s How Teenagers Are Getting In Trouble At McDonald’s These Days.

The Huffington post reports that a pair of teenagers were threatened to be kicked out of McDonald’s by an employee for setting up a table cloth on the table, along with plates, and cutlery, in an effort to eat a civilized meal.

The duo was allowed to stay, and you can view a photo of their dining experience here.

3 Worse Reasons To Be Kicked Out Of A Fast Food Restaurant

1. Seeing that “Smiles” are “Free” on the menu, asking for a smile from a teenaged employee, than asking for your money back. 


How can you blame teenagers for wanting a candlelit dinner at a restaurant that serves surf and turf?

2. Setting up a candlelit dinner and proceeding to eat your burgers in the nude. (Note: this probably will not get you kicked out of a fast restaurant in Quebec, where everyone will just think this is part of Just For Laughs: Gags).

3. Being a teenager working at the restaurant and doing something gross to the food! Like touching it with your washed, but bare hands, instead of latex gloves! Because that’s the worst thing we can ever imagine responsible-enough-to-prepare-food-for-minimum-wage teenagers would ever do!

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