Expert: People Who Take Pictures Of Things Like Things

Today’s news tip came to us via email from blogger Indy Tony. You can check out his blog, “A Way With Words” here.  Now, to the news! CBC news reports that a psychiatrist gave a presentation suggesting that people who post lots of photos of food on social media may have psychological issues such as obesity problems.

If this blog was a movie trailer, now would be the moment where the music stops playing as the record abruptly scratches.

Are we to understand that a doctor found a captive audience, including the news media, to make the obvious point that people who like food may take lots of pictures of food?

3 More Obvious Revelations About Your Friends’ Social Networking Habits

1. People who post photos of their pets really like their pets. Or have narcissistic pets who know how to use Flickr and post their own pictures. And of course, if you’re a cat that thinks you’re so smart because you how to use Flickr, you are going to be a total narcissist!

2. People who post photos of their babies love their babies. P.S. If you love your baby so much that you make it your profile pic, here’s some helpful info: when Facebook suspects that your Facebook friend is logging in from a suspicious account, such as a computer in a Jamaican hotel, Facebook will ask your friend to prove their identity by matching their randomly selected Facebook friends’ profile pictures to their friends’ names. It’s kind of like a game show! This is an especially difficult game to play in the middle of a Jamaican hotel when all that pops up is pictures of dopey babies, and you have to guess which one belongs to which person you were in elementary school with and which ones are newborns of your real friends. Stop the madness and use a photo of you holding your baby, please!

3. People who don’t post anything on Facebook, and act all too cool for Facebook will probably tell you your entire status update posting history when they’re drunk. Example of Something a Drunk Person Will Say To You In A Bar: “I saw on Facebook your cat died. I’m so sorry to hear about this because I know you posted adorable photos of your cat wearing baby clothes every day. But not so sorry to take five seconds to comment about it on Facebook, because that would make me look like an uncool person who reads Facebook, rather than a drunk cool person who reads Facebook!”

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  1. Glad to see you got some good mileage out of this. I thought it fit your blog perfectly.


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