Finally, An App That Prevents Icelanders From Accidentally Marrying Their Cousins!

Bloomberg Businessweek  reports that a new phone App in Iceland allows prospective picker-uppers in a bar to bump their phones together to figure out if they are related to each other!

From the article:

“The app includes an ‘incest-prevention alarm, says Arnar Freyr Adalsteinsson, one of the developers. ‘When you bump, it shows your nearest common ancestors. If you bump with someone who’s too closely related, you get an alarm sound and a text warning.'”

This seems like a potential blockbuster seller in Iceland, population: 320,000! But what about America where so many states allow people to legally marry their first cousins? Perhaps, some residents of those states need an alarm to celebrate and throw confetti out of the phone if a previously-unknown cousin is met in a bar!

3 More Things We’d Like To See An App Reveal To Strangers About Each Other In Bars

1. Number of lies or exaggerations of age, current career accomplishments, and how much they really care about Earth Day.

2. Number of text messages received from other people met in bars who had no chance of any real relationship with this person, sent while the receiver is in the bar, and the sender is hoping they recover from the case of the carpel tunnel syndrome they said they had as an excuse not to go on a date.

3. Whether parents are secretly paying the phone bill… because the prospective picker-upper still lives with them. Bonus points if a person in Iceland finds out the person they were trying to pick-up is one of their parents, whom they didn’t recognize because they really were that wasted!

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