Facebook Reportedly To Introduce a Facebook Phone This Week, And It’s Not An April Fool’s Joke!

Quartz reports that Facebook is going to release a smart phone this Thursday running a version of the Android operating system.

The report also reminds us that MySpace once introduced a phone, which didn’t lead to the greatness some expected from for that social network.

The important thing is that Facebook apparently thinks that “status updates” aren’t really as helpful as “status-of-what-you’re-doing-at-all-times” and contact lists of “everyone you know who is not on Facebook.”

3 More Business Ideas We Have For Facebook

1. Facebook restraining order. This application legally prevents stalkers from showing up at your home or other locations, after Facebook shows on a map exactly where you are, to people you may not have been aware were able to view such information when you replied to a simple message telling the person to “leave me alone!”

2. Facebook camera-ad-inserter. Did you just take a photo of a friend at McDonald’s using a Facebook phone? Why not have Facebook automatically add a caption saying: “Steve’s lovin’ it!”

3. Facebook voicemail. Unlike other voicemail which requires you to go through the hassle of creating a message, this news feed-inspired voicemail will tell everyone which edition of Angry Birds you are too busy playing to answer their calls.

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