You’re Spending 23 Days A Year Looking At Your Phone, And We Hope It’s Not All Spent Figuring Out How To Unlock The Phone!

CNET reports that a survey of phone owners shows the owners surveyed spend 23 days a year looking at their phones, including sending texts and using apps.

3 Worse Ways To Spend 23 Days A Year

1. Looking at your rotary phone waiting for that guy you met 22 days ago to call. Maybe if you were into more modern technology, you’d know your city now has 8 area codes, and handing your seven-digit-number, without an area code, to a drunk person on a napkin won’t lead to results, especially when your 8s look like 5s and your 7s look like 2s.

2. Listening to Rand Paul filibuster. Because just like when Seinfeld’s Kramer tried to see how close to the empty line he could get the gas tank, Congress seems to be continuing its quest to see how much doing-nothing it takes to get its approval rating as close to zero as possible.

3. Watching the movie the Number 23… Spoiler alert: everything adds up to 23 and a contrived plot based on that point follows!

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