Hacker Places McDonald’s New Fish McBites On Burger King Web Site… Now We Don’t Know What Product To Buy!

Yahoo reports that a hacker hacked into Burger King’s Twitter account and posted a McDonald’s logo, an image of new “Fish McBites,” and the words “Just got sold to McDonald’s because the Whopper flopped…”

3 Startling Revelations From This News Story

1. Burger King has a Twitter account? Thank goodness for its blue Twitter verified account checkmark, so we know we are dealing with the real King… oh wait…

2. People follow Burger King on Twitter? Because if you’re having trouble keeping up with the Kardashians without Twitter, you may be totally out of the loop of the current mood of the latest limited-time Whopper! Is it another “Angry Whopper” or is it in more of a “Bummed-That-I’m-No-Longer-A-Cow-Grazing-A-Field” kinda mood.

3. Something callled “Fish McBites” is a product at McDonald’s! Were focus groups complaining that the Fillet-O-Fish requires “too much biting” and “chewing?” Next at your local fast food restaurants: Sesame-Seeds-That-Fell-Off-The-Buns-Snackers!

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