Man Outsources His Own Job To China, Giving Him More Time To Watch Cat Videos Online!

Yahoo reports that according to a blog post, a software developer outsourced his own job to China, for a fraction of his salary, so that he could sit at work, spending part of the day watching cat videos.

Also according to the post:

“His code was clean, well written, and submitted in a timely fashion. Quarter after quarter, his performance review noted him as the best developer in the building.”

With all these cat videos being viewed, we hope the “building” wasn’t the local dog pound.

3 Other Things A North American Worker Could Outsource To China To Save Time

1. Watching cat videos. With the time you save, you could buy a cat, create your own videos, upload them to the internet, and then pay your outsourced cat-watcher to watch your masterpieces. (In this era of increasing global automation, this is really the best way we can think of to keep people around the world “employed!”)

2. Exercise. With the growing popularity of KFC and McDonald’s in China, it really seems like the right thing to do after introducing the country to these fast food products!

3. Finding China on a map. Perhaps people in China may be good at this task, unlike the sociology students at a Canadian University, who according to CBC, now have to pass a test naming the continents to pass the course, because the professor was dissatisfied that too many students couldn’t find Asia, Europe, Africa or North America on a map. Who has time to study for a test naming continents? “Not me,” exclaims Pierre “I-Can’t-Wait-To-Drive-From-Newfoundland-To-Paris-For-Summer-Holidays” Jenkins.

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  1. I guess I’m wasting my time hunting for a job and writing a novel to hustle for a living. All I really need to do is spend my days watching cat videos. I need to get my priorities straight!


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