Sixth Grade Class Picture Mysteriously Has Third Eye Appear On Girl’s Forehead

According to the Local, a photography company has no explanation of how a third eye mysteriously appeared on a girl’s forehead in a school class picture taken in Sweden.

From the news story:

“He [the head of the photography company] explained that when students in school pictures have their eyes closed, the company ‘in emergency situations’ sometimes retouches the images by digitally cutting and pasting an eye from another student in the picture.

Yes, in Sweden if your eyes close when the flash goes off in that class photo, they’ll just superimpose someone else’s eyes, so hopefully it’s not the bloodshot eyes of a stoner photographer, whose magical camera inserts psychedelic eyes randomly into photos.

The good news is the girl was paid 1,500 Swedish Kronor as compensation for the incident, which is about $225 U.S.

3 Worse Things The Girl Could Have Been Given As Compensation In This Incident

1. $225 in U.S. one dollar bills, because it sure would have added insult to injury to receive 225 images of the Eye of Providence reminding her of the incident every time she tried to buy a $1 breakfast at IKEA for the next 32 weeks.

2. Third Eye Blind’s latest album. In addition to reminding the girl about the incident, it’s really been downhill for the band since their number-one hit Semi-Charmed Life, and based on our opinion of that song, the hill they started on was the bottom of Lombard Street in their home town of San Francisco.

3. IKEA instructions to assemble chairs for a class photo, with a third extra bolt at the top of each chair (extra bolt not included to add to the frustration when the chair is assembled backwards).

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