Kid Licks Entire NYC Subway Handrail For $1

In NYC, a kid licked an entire subway handrail for $1 in a You Tube video you can see here.

3 Worse Things You Could Lick In New York City For One Dollar

1. A subway handrail that has just been licked by some kid you’ve never met.

2. A one dollar bill. That thing could have traces of cocaine on it! Or been used in a strip club!

3. The edge of a subway door before it closes! In addition to potentially getting your tongue stuck in the door, the guy who keeps saying “Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors, Please,” is likely to get depressed, and nobody wants to hear a mopey recording saying “Nobody Ever Listens To Me. Will someone listen to me please? I’ve been trapped in this subway since 1950!”


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