Proposing To Women Is Not Brain Surgery, Which May Be Why This Brain Surgeon Hid An Engagement Ring In The Sand On A Beach

A brain surgeon vacationing in Naples, Florida came up with a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal idea: hide his prospective bride-to-be’s engagement ring in the sand; make her dig in the sand for hours to find it before the proposal; and then call in a scruffy old professional dude with a metal detector to find it.

Well, you know what that means!  She has to marry the dude with the metal detector! Oh wait, that’s just how it would work if we were writing a reality TV show. She actually said “yes” to the surgeon, and we’re sure it was for his brains, and not his money.  Really.  But it could have been worse.

3 Worse Places A Brain Surgeon Could Hide A Wedding Ring Before A Marriage Proposal

1.  In a patient’s aorta. Making a bride-to-be perform surgery to find her ring isn’t that romantic, unless it’s surgery to mend a broken heart of her favorite movie star, the perpetually-broken-up with-at-the-start-of-each-movie Michael Cera.  That said, losing a ring while conducting open-heart surgery that should have been brain surgery doesn’t sound that far fetched for someone who confuses “beaches of sand” with “Tiffany box inside my left pant pocket next to the Skittles.”

2.  In the sand of a beach in Naples, Italy!  Like anyone with a metal detector would give that back when Italy’s in a major financial crisis!  And the bride-to-be may be a little more irritated when standing on the beach of Naples, Florida, and the potential groom announces “Ooops, I forgot where I put this ring in the sand, and we’re in the wrong Naples, to boot!”

3.  On the index finger of a prostitute in Las Vegas. Although don’t be surprised if that’s a set-piece in the Hangover 3.

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  2. I am a huge fan of documented stupidity…I am an even bigger fan of other peoples commentary on documented stupidity. FANTASTIC bolg entry!



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