Woman Says Lingerie Store Fired Her For Being Too Hot

A woman claims she was fired after being told she was “too hot” to work at a Manhattan lingerie store called “Native Intimates”.  According to the woman’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, “Days after being hired, she was told by a supervisor that “‘you are just too hot for this office.'”  Allred then said that management suggested to the woman, “Maybe you should wear your boyfriend’s T-shirt and sweat pants.”

We at NotTheWorstNews believe in inner beauty and so won’t judge whether this woman was really too hot to work at a lingerie store.  That said, isn’t being “hot” part of the marketing strategy that makes competitors like Victoria’s Secret so successful?  Also, are we to believe this woman duped management by looking the-opposite-of-hot during the initial job interview and then – surprise – she shows up for work with larger breasts and the face of Nicholas Cage?  Well, just like an improbable John Woo movie, the good news is if you are a 70-something lawyer trying to win a seemingly difficult lawsuit, there are:

3 Worse Places To Claim You Were Fired For Being Too Hot

1.  The Celebrity Apprentice.  We’re looking your way, former Miss Universe/2012 Celebrity Apprentice contestant Dayana Mendoza.  Setting a record number of trips to the boardroom may seem like a bad thing when all you’re doing is trying to help your favorite charity.  Dayana succeeded at that, but, the real question is why did her fellow-much-earlier-fired contestants keep bringing in a hot former Miss Universe into the boardroom and assume Ms. Universe contest owner, and self-proclaimed womanizer Donald Trump would ever fire her?  Let’s face it: nobody is ever getting fired from a Donald Trump reality show for being too hot.

2.  Dans le Noir restaurant.  If you get fired from the restaurant where everybody eats in the dark and is served by blind servers for being too hot, your claim is likely to be unbelievable unless you wore glow in the dark clothing to work, and re-enacted Warrant’s Cherry Pie video instead of serving cherry pie (or anything flavored like cherries, because let’s face it, how are the customers really going to know whether they’re being served cherry pie crust, or cherry-fragrance car air fresheners?).

3.  Right Said Fred.  It certainly would suck to be fired from the band who became famous for the song “I’m Too Sexy” for being too sexy, especially since the band only has two members, and if you’re fired from this band, you’re being fired by your twin brother. Which makes it really difficult for employees of the Right-Said-Fred Organization to know if they’re taking orders from the right Fred.  So please fellows, keep the band together and enjoy the royalties you’ll keep getting as long as there’s room for this song in nerd-out-of-water-becoming-the-cool-kid movie trailers.

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