Man Sues Motorcycle Maker For Two Year Erection

According to ABC News, a California man has sued BMW because his motorcycle seat allegedly gave him a two-year long erection.  According to his lawyer, the man had to reconfigure his clothing, and had trouble going to the bathroom.  If proven to be true, that is some bad news!  But it gets worse – also according to the man’s lawyer he can no longer get an erection!  Is it even conceivable that there could be a worse outcome from this set of facts?  Of course!

3 Worse Outcomes Of Someone Getting A Two-Year Long Erection From A Motorcycle Seat

1.  The motorcycle seat could sue the rider for child support payments after getting pregnant and delivering a half-human-half-motorcycle-seat baby nine months into the erection.

2.  The motorcycle seat could ride off and join a biker gang, fall in love with a biker motorcycle seat, and that biker motorcycle seat could return in a fit of jealous rage to teach a lesson to the erection-prone rider.

3.  You could be selected to the jury that has to listen to a case of a man suing a motorcycle manufacturer for a two-year long erection, and thrown in contempt of court after being unable to listen to the case without laughing.  To make matters worse, while in contempt, you share a jail cell with another juror who keeps makes crappy jokes about whether or not this will be a “hung” jury.

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