Ted Cruz Supporter Making Donald Trump Look Good

On CNN’s Erin Burnett Outfront tonight, a Ted Cruz supporter explained how Trump is a bad choice because he supported the bailout of banks during the 2008 financial crisis, unlike Ted Cruz.  Burnett pointed out that all of the banks paid their loans back to the government. (She didn’t point out that the government even made a profit on the loans.)

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

  1. Will someone please get Ted Cruz supporters and Tea Party members to see the Big Short? We understand Tea Partiers may think regulation is terrible, but maybe a movie that uses Selena Gomez to explain the kind of problems that happen when there’s no regulation may help these voters understand why banks need to be regulated… or at least why Selena Gomez was way too clever to have dated Justin Bieber.
  2. Can someone else remind these supporters that since they want no regulation, the same sort of thing will inevitably happen again? Their position of “let every bank fail to teach them a lesson” will only result in the lesson that voting for the Tea Party is a mistake. The only Tea-Party we want in Congress is 1990s Canadian rock group the Tea Party – and since people born in Canada can be President, they certainly will make a welcome addition to Congress.
  3. Attention Tea Party: how do you expect to buy Teavana when your bank cards don’t work, and Teavana-owner Starbucks can’t pay baristas, because there are no banks left in business?  Enjoy your brave new world where “Starbucks App Stars” are the only form of currency.

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